When I try to add MS SQL database, I get error

This error occurs in two cases:
  1. MS SQL services are not running
  2. Hosting Controller is not properly configured.


To resolve this problem, make sure that ¬MSSQLServer¬ services is running and Hosting Controller is configured properly.

To Start MSSQLServer Service:

  1. Login as Host Admin. Click Services and then click on List Services.
  2. Find MSSQLSERVER service in the list and make sure that link in Startup Type column is labeled Automatic. If it is not, click on the link in the Startup Type column next to MSSQLSERVER service and choose the Automatic startup type from the available drop-down. Click on Update button.
  3. The link in Status column should be labeled Running. If it is not, click on the link in the Status column next to MSSQLSERVER service and choose the Start radio button. Click on Update button.

To Configure MS SQL Settings In Hosting Controller:

  1. Login as Host Admin. Click Preferences and then click on MS SQL Settings.
  2. In SQL Server Name box, provide ¬local¬ (without quotes) if SQL is on local machine, otherwise provide the IP of the machine where MS SQL is installed.
  3. Provide valid SQL server administrator login name in SQL Server Administrator Name box and valid password in SQL Server Administrator Password box.
    Note: Default MS SQL administrator login name is ¬sa¬. If you don¬t know its password, it may be reset from MS SQL MMC.
  4. In SQL Server IP Address box, provide the IP of the server. In Available SQL Servers box, enter the IP of the machine, NetBIOS name of the machine and keyword (local). Keyword (local) is given only if MS SQL is on local machine.
  5. Enable SQL Server on Remote Machine check box if MS SQL is on remote machine. Click Save Settings button.
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