Is there a way the client can view the website to work on it before its DNS propagates?

Yes, it is possible to give access to a new client to view his website even before he transfers DNS to your service.

Hosting Controller can create instant access for new website under a live domain, preferably under your company domain. The customer may then access his website as http://HostWebSite/CustomerWebSite.

To enable instant site access, follow these steps:

  1. Login as Reseller and click IIS Settings under Preferences menu.
  2. Select a site to host instant access for new websites from Website for Name Based Domains drop-down select box. Click Save Settings button.

Consider '' is selected as Website for Name Based Domains and new website '' is signed-up. Hosting Controller will create a virtual directory 'GigaTraffic-com' under ''. In account setup e-mail client will be notified about this URL and then the client will upload and see his website at

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