If I assign 50 MB disk quota to an account, will the 50 MB total be used for the SQL Database, E-mail, Logs and Web Space?

The Disk Quota feature in Hosting Controller is dependent on Disk Quota feature provided by Microsoft Windows 2000. This is basically FTP quota and is useful only if you are using MS FTP server. It is calculated when data is uploaded or downloaded using FTP.

To understand how it is calculated, consider account Tony is assigned 50 MB disk quota. When this user does FTP to his account ¬Tony¬, the operating system check if Disk Quota is assigned to this account. It finds 50 MB disk quota for this account, therefore when the user uploads data to his website, operating system calculates the total amount of data uploaded and stops the user from uploading more than the assigned 50 MB disk quota.

As described above, the disk quota feature is based on FTP only therefore if user creates MS SQL database, the database can grow to any size unless restricted using MS SQL Enterprise Manager. Similarly there is no restriction if user¬s log files or mails grow to even GBs.

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