What is Static & Dynamic Website?

Static Website
A static site is written in HTML only,
Each page is a separate document and there is no database.
In this type of website if you want to edit something, you will have to download / upload files from the server.
You can do yourself, If you have programming knowledge or you will have to get it done by any professional company or individual.

If you are a small business or the services and products a static website would be your solution.

Dynamic Website
Dynamic websites is basically provides administrative interfaces, owners can upload information their own and does not require knowledge about HTML or websites design to update or maintain such a site.

If you have a large inventory of products and/or services then you may wish to empower your customers with the ability to search through your inventory based on their selected criteria, then its possible only by dynamic website

Dynamic website typically cost more because of its complexity, A dynamic website is the most effective solution for sites with content requring frequent updates.

Common features found on dynamic websites
    * Basic Content Management
    * Email Newsletter Signup
    * User Signup and Registration
    * Product Catalog Management
    * Customer Surveys
    * Calendar of Events
    * Search Page
    * Shopping Cart and Checkout
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